England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity

1856 Tribune 19 Jan. 188 Some few years ago, we followed O’Connell, and when he declared that ‘England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity’, we threw our hats in the air.

1916 G. B. SHAW in New York Times (Mag.) 9 Apr. 2 The cry that ‘England’s Difficulty Is Ireland’s Opportunity’ is raised in the old senseless, spiteful way as a recommendation to stab England in the back when she is fighting some one else.

1969 T. PAKENHAM Year of Liberty i. Successive plantations—of Scottish Presbyterians in Ulster..did not secure Ireland. The Catholics’ watchword remained: ‘England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity.’

1997 Times 15 Oct. 8 Britain’s difficulty became Ireland’s opportunity last night when..Sir Denis Mahon presented three Baroque paintings originally destined for Liverpool to the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin.

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